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29 Sep 2023 12:18 PM | Sandra Waldrop (Administrator)

You can access ChatGPT at There is a free version as well as a subscription version. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the science of training computers to mimic the human brain. NLP or Natural Language Processing is where computers can understand and generate human language. LM or Language Model generate probabilities based on a series of words. LLM or Large Language Model is enabled by AI accelerators to process vast amounts of text data mostly taken from the Internet. GPT or Generative Pretrained Transformer is an evolving and sophisticated LLM that uses CHAT, an API, to deliver answers to questions.

You input Prompts into ChatGPT and it gives you a result. The more details in your prompt, the more accurate and useful the reply. You can fine tune your prompt until you get a good reply. This reply has to be further vetted and edited by the user.

Business Applications areas include:

  • Addressing pain points
  • Outside of the box thinking
  • Writing of policies, procedures, education including role playing with employees
  • Automated reporting including data analysis
  • Optimization of marketing strategies with content marketing and SEO
  • Development of training materials

If you are concerned about sources used for a piece, you can ask Chat GPT for the sources used in the output.

The bottom line is this is a tool that can save you time but understand you must review the output and edit it to make it your own.

Thank you to Dana Plazyk of Social Marketing Business Solutions for your excellent presentation (

Information in this post came from Dana's presentation and is included in this blog with her permission.

-------- Sandra Waldrop, PhD

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