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Back Story on Smokin' Gold BBQ

27 Feb 2020 2:39 PM | Sandra Waldrop (Administrator)

Smokin' Gold opened in Dahlonega Georgia in April of 2008. My wife and I have been competition BBQ cooks for many years. When the opportunity availed itself to open a fully furnished restaurant for very little money, we decided to give it a try. After 3 years in that location we were able to relocate to downtown Dahlonega and reap the benefit of serving more tourist. Our home is and has been located in Lawrenceville for that entire time. When I met John and this building was available, it was time to sell the Dahlonega location and move back home.

People often ask what style of BBQ we offer, Kansas city tomato, Carolina mustard or vinegar. My response is competition style. Our goal is to give you a superior barbeque product off the grill and let you choose your own style of sauce. In barbeque competitions, it's a meat contest not a sauce contest, so we continued to cook the way we know. Our signature dish is the brisket, the pulled pork, ribs and chicken are also excellent. Every Friday, we offer burnt ends off the brisket. Very few BBQ restaurants in this area offer burnt ends. 

That is a little history and insight to the kind of restaurant you can expect here. 

Dan Dieterle

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